Thursday, March 25, 2010

Hello Fellow Bloggers and Blogees

As I sit at my kitchen table writing into cyberspace, a batch of chicken stock is bubbling away on the stove. Anyone who claims to love food and cooking as much as I do should know how to make a decent chicken stock. It is the basis for so many tasty dishes. The thought of something being homemade, even something as simple as chicken stock, increases its goodness points by at least 10. You (readers) can expect me to be cooking up a storm and writing about my culinary adventures. I will admit my culinary failures and triumph in my delicious successes. I have waited a long time to have a blog. I promised myself when I started college that I could only have a blog once I finished or else I would not get any work done. I am proud to announce that I graduated from UCLA. Now I have to start my "real" life and have no idea where I am going. For the first time, I do not have a path, a plan for the future. The only thing I know is that I want food to be at the center. This blog is a way for me to share my passion with others.

What I hope to accomplish with this blog:

1. Share my recipes

2. Document my Foodie experiences

3. Provide reviews of cookbooks

4. Post interesting tidbits of culinary information

5. Whatever else comes my way

Join me on my food journey and get into the kitchen!

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  1. Looking good! Can't wait for all the yummy recipes!