Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Craze that is 100 Montaditos

When you think that the sandwich or bocadillo (as they are called here in Spain) cannot be reinvented anymore, here comes a chain that totally sends you up in a tornado and lands you in something like bocadillo heaven. 100 Montaditos has literally 100 choices and the best part is that you get to buy more than one. This has something for everyone. Fillings range from chorizo and tortilla, gambas (small eels) with aioli, or chocolate with fruit preserves.  For those indulgent types, like myself, they also have foie gras on the menu. Their success is based on the fact that they use a few quality ingredients in each bocadillo and that are traditional to Spain.  Yes, local and fresh ingredients.
And an added bonus is that every order is served with fresh potato chips.  You can choose to eat in the restaurant and enjoy a cerveza with your bocadillos but these bit size sandwiches are perfect for a picnic in Retiro park.  I think the most magnificent advantage that this restaurant has is it that these delights are cheap, ranging from 1 Euro to 1,50 Euro.  So it is great for travelers on a budget or locals who want a cheap lunch.  This chain is all over Spain so I encourage all visitors to come and check it out.  When you do one thing really well, you don't need anything else and I think 100 Montaditos has found that niche.  I do realize that I sound like a cheerleader for this place and that they might be paying me for this post but in reality I am just really excited about it!

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