Sunday, September 19, 2010

Spanish Extravaganza

This blog is moving in a new direction as have I. I was recently awarded a scholarship to study in Spain for 9 months doing research on the Mediterranean diet, but I mean, who are we kidding, what else would I study besides FOOD! I have met other grantees who are as obsessed with food as I am. I am very excited to have a group of people to eat out with as well as to experience national delicacies. Madrid has the highest number of bars and restaurants per inhabitant in Europe. I believe the current figure is 171 people per restaurant. I believe it. There is literally a bar with mostly decent food on every corner. This is an eating culture. People spend 2 hours at lunch enjoying different small plates and chatting about their lives. It seems that this a time for the Spanish to relax and enjoy the moment. This is a Spanish attribute that I am aspiring to embody and take home with me. If nothing else I want memories of good food and great friends. I am determined to recount my experience as an American in a completely different food culture and (maybe for those who read me) inspire myself and others to adopt some new customs. Come to Madrid, grab a few tapas and some vino, and enjoy the ride .

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